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What is ABVIL?

ABVIL is an initiative by Government of Jharkhand in association with Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad to build a world-class innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system in the State. ABVIL is envisaged to work closely with all the key stakeholders (students, entrepreneurs, investors, academic institutes, government) and act as a bridge between them. ABVIL will also support the Government of Jharkhand in implementing the Start-up Policy. ABVIL has started conducting events in 2017 and will be launching full-scale operations in 2018.

ABVIL Vision

“Co-creating a place for the World with an entrepreneurial and innovation led ecosystem to achieve economic, social and ecological development of the State of Jharkhand”

ABVIL at the Centre of Ecosystem

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation lab (Jharkhand Innovation Lab) is way beyond an incubator or an accelerator…it is creation of an innovation ecosystem

  • ABVIL will be the hub incubator in the State
  • Public and private institutions shall be spokes
  • Incubation centers in higher educational institutes
  • Virtual incubator platform
  • Incubators to enter into performance contracts with the government
  • Incubators will be responsible for creating a self-sustaining business model post support period of 5 years
  • Eligible Incubators shall be provided with annual support amount of 50 lacs per year for the first 5 years
  • A special incentive of INR 10 lacs would be given to the incubator for every successful startup (Startup that raises series B funding) they incubate

ABVIL’s Incubation Model

What will ABVIL do in 2018?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation Lab (Jharkhand Innovation Lab) is leading the efforts of the State Government of Jharkhand to act as innovation and startup hub of the State. ABVIL is working to develop the following:

Master Incubator

ABVIL would act as a master incubator for other incubators in the State and would work in collaboration with other private and academic incubators in the State.

Incubation / Acceleration Support

ABVIL would provide infrastructure as well as guidance and mentoring to startups at various stages

Enable Startup Policy Implementation

ABVIL would facilitate and help implement Startup Policy of the State of Jharkhand.

Create Innovation ecosystem

Organize and partner for various startup and innovation events across the State to create startup momentum in the State.

Mentoring environment

Building an extensive mentors and partners network at both national as well as international level.

Virtual Incubator

An online platform to provide assistance and guidance to startups/ students related to entrepreneurship.



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